2020 CSA/Veggie Club

Store 2020 CSA/Veggie Club

Certified Organic, seasonal, local vegetables, picked to order, delivered weekly or every other week to the Oklahoma City and surrounding area drop-off sites.

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Acadian Family Farm is a 100% Certified Organic farm in western Oklahoma. We have a history of growing fine, fresh seasonal vegetables for both Veggie Clubs and Farmers Markets, and sell to several of the health food stores in the area. We are immensely devoted to the health of our community, and believe that people should have access to healthy food. We understand that parents want to feed their children wholesome food for prevention, and that there are others who are on special diets because of health issues. This is food in which you can have confidence.

The contents of our boxes vary from week to week and season to season; that keeps one from being bored with their food. There are usually 6 - 8 items in a box. We strive to have some of the staples, plus some new things to expand your family's culinary tastes for healthy, delicious food. Our club runs from mid April through mid November.

Our garden can be your garden, and we want to give you lots of choices. You may customize your box with the items you want for your family. Some folks like everything, and some are a little more particular, so we want to meet your needs. Going on vacation and need a break? No problem, you can stop and start again when you return.