Frequently Asked Questions

For Delivery Locations, what does "Waiting List" mean?

"Waiting List" means that there isn't a definite location assigned yet for that area.  There are still openings for members, and when 8-10 people are signed up, a location will be finalized (tell your friends).  We are always open for suggestions if you know of a place of business that would like to host a Veggie Club drop-off spot. 

When does the Veggie Club start and stop?

Our early vegetables should be ready early-mid April and should finish by the end of October. 

What is a typical Veggie Club / CSA box?

Our typical box contains between 8 and 10 different varieties of vegetables.  We also offer some fruit, such as Cantaloupes and Watermelons, and hope to add more in the coming years.  Some of the vegetables which we plan to offer are:  Greens (Lettuces, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale, etc.), Root Crops (Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Leeks,etc.), Green Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Onions, Potatoes, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Purple Hull Peas, Melons, Sweet Potatoes, some herbs & more.  All of the above are not ready at the same time, of course, but as the seasons allow.

What is a Veggie Club / CSA?

"CSA" stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a program that connects the community with their local farmer.  The classic model of CSA's helped support the farmer financially by paying for a full season's vegetable subscription in advance, and both the community and the farmer shared the risk.  We decided that we would call our business a "Veggie Club", as we feel that we should be the only ones at risk for our business, should crops fail.  We also only require a month's deposit ahead, and that is so we can plan more effectively.

What are the Advantages of being in our Veggie Club?

- Exposure to exciting, diverse vegetables that are Certified Organic, fresh and high quality. 

- Vegetables are locally grown, not shipped in, so they are much fresher. 

- It's just like having your own garden but with the convenience of not having the work.  You can have garden fresh food delivered to a location near your residence. 

- Farmers and members build a relationship, and farmers have an opportunity to know their customer.                         

- Our Veggie Club connects you to the seasons. 

- Keeps dollars in our regional economy.                                                                                                                         

- Gives the customer a real legitimate choice of lots of locally-grown, organic vegetables that local grocers may not often choose to carry.                                                                                                                                                      

- Gives motivation to live and eat healthy, as you are part of a larger group that wants to eat and live right.

- Indirectly support organic research and development as we look for better, more efficient ways to produce your vegetables.

- Recipes and health related articles in a newsletter that encourages and motivates.

- Yearly Farm Field Day at our farm.

How Can I Customize My Box?

You may choose to customize your box each week.  These changes may be made via your online account.  Changes must be made before the close of your site's weekly order deadline for the changes to take effect by the upcoming delivery.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

We want our customers to be happy customers; it doesn't benefit us if you are not satisfied.  Of course, we plant and plan according to how many customers sign up, but If you are unsatisfied, you may cancel your participation in our Veggie Club by calling us or sending us an email.  Please note, you are paying for 4 boxes at a time, and so we wish for you to continue deliveries until all pre-paid credits are used. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What if I won't be able to pick up sometime?

If you won't be able to pick up your items, please log in to your account and place your box on hold for the week.  You must place your box on hold before the order deadline; otherwise, the box will be delivered. If you miss the order deadline, you may choose to a) have your items picked up by someone else, or b) donate it to the pick-up site host.  In either case, please send us an email to let us know.

What do I bring to pick up my Veggies?

Please bring a container for your veggies each week (bag, insulated bag, basket, cooler, etc.).  You will take the veggies from the farm box and put them in your container and leave the farm box at the site.

A clipboard with a sign-out sheet will be at each pick-up site.  Please be sure to sign by your name to confirm that you took your veggies and received all of the items you ordered for the week.  If your name is not on the list, it means we did not pack items for you; in that case, please do not take any items. If we have made an error in packing your items, or if your name is on the list but your items are not at the site, please contact us by email or phone within 24 hrs..  We will add a credit to your account, as it is possible we made a mistake.

What if I want to change Pick-Up Locations?

You are welcome to change pick-up locations as needed.  Changes must be made before the order deadlines at each location.  Please be sure to read the specific pick-up details of your new site, as some sites may have different pick-up hours.